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Fibre optic broadband service now makes it possible to access the internet at unbelievable speeds. This service improves productivity and communications capability. Fibre optic broadband “levels the playing field” previously dominated by cable and satellite companies. A new and better service alternative at a reasonable cost, more productivity on the Internet.
Unlike current high-speed broadband services that transmit data over copper and coaxial cable lines while using some Fibre optic technology, 100% Fibre optic networks operate over glass Fibre transmission lines designed for optimum speed and capacity.

SPEED:  Capability up into the gigabits

BANDWIDTH:  Large carrying capacity

DISTANCE: Signals transmit further without the need to be “refreshed”

RESISTANCE:  Greater resistance to external interference

REDUCED MAINTENANCE:  Fibre optic cables cost much less to maintain

VERSATILITY:  Handles massive Data traffic, along with Voice and Video


All together, these features mean reduced operating costs for providers. In turn, the savings benefit is passed on to the consumer in the form of lower monthly subscription costs. Offering unparalleled service and satisfaction for consumers. Datacom Telecommunication Limited (DTL) offer the latest in Fibre optic technology designed to provide Internet access and telephone service over a newly constructed, 100% Fibre optic network. Currently, the maximum connection speed for Fibre optic internet service is 50 Mbps downstream and 20 Mbps upstream.
Datacom Telecommunication Limited (DTL) Fibre Optic internet service, like DSL and cable broadband services, is “always on” and simple to use. DTL Fibre Optic supports internet telephone, virtual private networks, instant messaging, video conferencing and most all of today’s popular Internet applications. DTL can handle virtually any communications requirement, data, voice or video, fast and efficiently to help business and organization be more productive. DTL Fibre optic broadband can offer the highest upload speeds available – a great asset for on-line investments trading, as well as, any application that is reliant on fast upload speed.