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Features & Benefits


  1. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems and emergency backup diesel generators are designed to keep power systems up and running even during a blackout.
  2. Earthquake protection is ensured with sound structural systems that meet and exceed seismic design requirements of local building codes
  3. 24-hour on-site security with biometric identification and motion sensitive CCTV monitoring keeps the data protected from theft. The centre is staffed with security officers around the clock
  4. Flood control is guaranteed because the facility is built above sea level with no basements, tightly sealed conduits, moisture barriers on exterior walls and moisture detection sensors
  5. Environment control is maintained with redundant HVAC cooling and environmental maintenance systems to provide optimum conditions for equipment operation.


Datacom Telecommunication Limited (DTL) offers online backup service that takes the hassle out of traditional backup by automatically backing up data over your existing Internet connection. DTL provides quick, efficient backups to our data centre and allow you also to restore files immediately with just the click of a mouse


Traditional methods of backing up data to tapes and discs have many inherent points of failure and rely too heavily on human intervention, diligence and discipline. DTL will backup your files automatically on a daily or even hourly basis — you have nothing to do. We provide the ability to retrieve historical snapshots of your data for compliance, and to prevent overwriting good data with bad.


Our solutions are priced purely on the amount of compressed data you store so you can have peace of mind that your data is safe, secure and error free. There are no set-up fees and you can backup from an unlimited number of servers, desktops or laptops.