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How It Works


  • A backup software is downloaded and installed on each client machine to be backed up
  • The selected data is then compressed and encrypted at the client’s machine via internet link prior to its transfer
  •  DTL will then house the selected file to our secure primary server in our data centre
  • The client’s data is then replicated immediately to our secondary secure data centre in a different location.

For security purposes, only the clients’ computer can decrypt the files.

Recover your damaged or lost files quickly and easily.



With just a few mouse clicks, our easy to use Wizards allow you to:

  • Select common files for automatic backups and restores.
  • Maintain your directory structure during recovery.
  • Maximize bandwidth use by selecting only the portions of files that have been modified.
  • Choose the exact day you would like to recover from, and which files or directories you want restored.
  • Datacom Telecommunications can restore data to CD, DVD or removable hard drive, if requested.

Encryption ensures SECURITY when recovering your data.


Software Features:

  • Restore data from any computer or server
  • Schedule your backups to occur automatically and run any time
  • Email daily confirmations of successful backups performed
  • Select a private encryption key that is known only to you for use in backup and restores